Friday, January 27, 2012

Organic Harvest List - Wednesday delivery

*This organic order form is only applicable for this week's Wednesday delivery.* 
If you would like to order for Friday delivery, kindly use this form or download this week's Grocer's List.

Organic Harvest Order Form - Holy Carabao 

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This Week's Organic Harvest from Holy Carabao
Wednesday, February 1 delivery

Items listed on this form are this week's harvestable produce. As these are mere projections, availability may change without prior notice.

Please indicate your order quantity by kilo weight on the space provided for each item. You may also indicate number of units or pieces if you are unfamiliar, and we will price

Cassava - Tubers
₱82 /kg

Tip: You may order as little as .5kg (500 grams)

Chili - Green (Sili Sigang)
₱220 /kg

Tip: You may order as little as .1kg (100 grams)

₱120 /kg

Tip: You may order as little as .25kg (250 grams)

Gabi - Tubers
₱82 /kg

Tip: You may order as little as .3kg (300 grams)

Lettuce - Arugula
₱400 /kg

Tip: One serving of arugula is about .25kg (250 grams)

Lettuce - Green Lollo Rossa
₱400 /kg

Tip: One serving of lettuce is about .25kg (250 grams)

Lettuce - Romaine
₱300 /kg

Tip: One serving of arugula is about .25kg (250 grams)

Kangkong - Native
₱130 /kg

Tip: One serving of kangkong is about .25kg (250 grams)

Kangkong - Chinese
₱160 /kg

Tip: One serving of kangkong is about .25kg (250 grams)

Sweet Potato - Purple Leaves 
(Kamote Tops - Purple)
₱135 /kg

Tip: One serving of kamote tops is about .25kg (250 grams)

₱160 /kg

Tip: Four small tomatoes weigh about .25kg (200 grams)

₱85 /kg

Tip: You may order as little as 1kg

Additional Orders

You may use this area for orders from The Green Grocer's main menu. 
Please take note of the order cut-off for these product categories.

Regular Produce

Order by Sunday at 3PM, for Wednesday delivery.

Artisan Bread

Order by Sunday at 3PM, for Wednesday delivery.

Specialty Dishes

Order by Sunday at 3PM, for Wednesday delivery.

Fish, Meat & Poultry

Order your Free-range Chicken, Organic Eggs and Organic Fish Dory by Sunday at 3PM, for Wednesday delivery.


Order by Sunday at 3PM, for Wednesday delivery.

Delivery & Payment

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Organic produce from Holy Carabao is delivered every Wednesday.

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We currently do not accept check payments.

 Cash on Delivery 
 Metrobank Bank Deposit 
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(must settle bill by Tuesday for Wednesday delivery 


Please review your order one last time before submitting your order.

After clicking our button, our system will receive it and we will contact you shortly for your statement and availability of your items.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Green Grocer in Philippine Daily Inquirer

Woke up early Thursday morning to a surprisingly long list of texts from unknown numbers. All had very similar questions asking if we had a physical store and where they could get our Grocer's List. I was bewildered. Was this a prank? What was with the sudden surge of inquiries?

It wasn't until texts (and texts and texts! :) later that one of the messages mentioned, "I read your feature on the Inquirer..." that everything made sense. Haha! I had just been corresponding a few days prior with dame chef herself Reggie Aspiras and she had mentioned writing about some of my products. Well, there it was that Thursday morning!

But what a wonderful surprise. Foolish me to be so oblivious! I have yet to see the physical paper with our feature, but we did get a hold of a digital copy. If any of you out there have it and have access to a scanner, we would be most grateful to receive a copy of our one day of fame.

Meanwhile, here is's version. Thank you, thank you, thank you Chef Reggie Aspiras for the wonderful write-up. You are first on our list when our lamb marinade arrives!

Click on article to lead you to Inquirer.

2012 will be one interesting ride. It's only January and so many things are happening! We will reveal it all in time, but allow us to thank you, our dear patrons, for your continued support and patronage. We truly have the best customers ever!

Your Green Grocer,

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Super C now available!

Happy new year!

This 2012, we are excited to launch our Supplements category.
The first product we are carrying is something our home has been using for many years:

The first non-acidic/alkaline Vitamin C in the Philippines

Meet our power-packed health product, Sodium Ascorbate Super C ― a super antioxidant, antiviral, and antibacterial Vitamin C that boosts the immune system and enhances physical stamina.

Since humans do not produce our own vitamin C, we need a daily dose of Vitamin C supplements to meet our requirements and help our body fight today’s stress. However, the ascorbic acid in the Vitamin C we commonly find in the market is highly acidic and can cause gastric irritation.

Sodium Ascorbate Super C is alkaline and not acidic so it is well tolerated by our body. It easily is absorbed into our system because it has a pH of 7.35 - 7.8 that closely matches our body’s pH level. This makes it able to circulate and stay in our body longer.
Sodium Ascorbate Super C effectively cleanses our body from toxins, improves our resistance against fatigue, disarms cancer-causing free radicals, and encourages the production of mature and healthy human cells. It helps prevent cardiovascular diseases and respiratory problems, is essential for healing wounds, and helps repair bones and cartilage.

Sodium Ascorbate Super C is sold in high quality vegetable capsules in the following packages:
Capsules at ₱450 /box of 100 capsules
Soluble Vitamin C powder at ₱2,750 /canister